Scales for Justice

Working towards peace and reconciliation

Scales for Justice (S4J) Actions

Scales for Justice (S4J) is a non-governmental organization established in September 2014 in accordance with the Swiss Civil Code Art. 60 and seq

S4J was founded in the conviction that justice is precondition for universal and lasting peace, yet that far far too often injustice remains unnoticed and far too few times action is taken. S4J therefore sees its task in collecting information on issues related to human rights and to engage the concerned human rights bodies of the United Nations accordingly. To this end S4J participates in meetings of the Human Rights Council, sends urgent appeals to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in cases of concern, participates in panels and side events at the UN, brings Human Rights Defenders at the risk to Geneva, as it also aims at organizing practical actions in cases of need.