Scales for Justice

Working towards peace and reconciliation

Associate members are members who work on the ground and provide Scales for Justice with first-hand information on human rights issues in their region.


Abdullah Aburahma is an EU recognized human rights defender living in Ramallah/ Palestine. He is member of the Popular Stuggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) and coordinator of the Bil'in Popular Committee Against the Wall, which began popular demonstrations against the separation barrier and settlements in January 2005. As a result of the village’s continued popular struggle the route of the barrier was modified and the portion of the village land annexed by the wall reduced to 25%. Abdallah Aburahma is now working as a TV moderator, hosting a weekly talk show about the popular resistance in Palestine .


Adnan Amjad lives in Islamabad, Pakistan. He holds a bachelor degree from the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan and has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Youth Development Work and a Post Graduate Diploma in Gender and Women Studies. Currently he is studying and doing a Masters in Gender and Women Studies. Adnan Amjad has worked with different local and national level organizations that work for human rights and development. He is providing Scales for Justice (S4J) with information on minority issues in Pakistan, who have always been denied their fundamental human and equal civil rights.


Murad Amro, is a human rights defender and active member of Youth Against Settlements (YAS) in Hebron, Palestine. He holds a bachelor degree in agriculture from the University in Hebron with a specialization on crop growing. Murad serves as tour guide to people interested in human rights under occupation and has a strong interest in intercultural exchange. In 2011 he has participated in an interfaith seminary in Geneva where he also received a certificate as facilitator in Dialogue for Peaceful Change.



Valérie de Chambrier  holds a bachelor in political science from the John Cabot University. She is an expert in the field of arts and has been collaborating with numerous museums in the US, Brazil and Italy. She has also completed an internship with the UN in New York. Valérie has been engaged as project assistant for several NGOs and speaks Italian, English and Portuguese. She is particularly concerned about human rights in the context of international affairs and discrimination.



Sadaf Gill, living in Karachi, Pakistan, holds a bachelor of arts from the University of Karachi followed by a diploma in public administration and a masters in administrative sciences from University of Karachi. Her dream is to make a PhD and work as professor in reputable University. Sadaf is passionate about educational projects and interested in the field of development through education, which she considers as the basic need for minorities.



Haroon Iqbal is living in Sialkot/ Pakistan. He graduated from the Punjab University Lahore Pakistan and holds a diploma in Information Technology. Haroon works as Customer Relation Specialist and organizes motivational programmes for children and youths. Haroon has always been passionate about working for equality and justice. He provides Scales for Justice with information on the situation of minorities in Pakistan and all forms of institutionalized injustice.



Faisal Nadeem is living in Islamabad, Pakistan. He graduated from University of Punjab and has worked with several NGOs & INGOs at grass root level, including as Livelihood and Enterprise Development Trainer for the Punkh Livelihood Development Society and BISP. Faisal has always been interested in understanding and solving the issues of minorities living in slums of Islamabad and other parts of the Pakistan. He provides Scales for Justice with information about social discrimination and aggression.



Elijah Stavros is living in Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan. Born in 2007 he is Scales for Justice (S4J) youngest member and reporting on the situation of the situation of children in Pakistan. He is especially concerned aobut the issue of education and the living conditions of children in his area. Elijah became famous for his call on Pakistani Prime Minister to change the electricity in his area.