Scales for Justice

Working towards peace and reconciliation

Active members

Active members support Scales for Justice (S4J) through actions and dedication and together with the board constitute the S4J core team.

H. Berner holds a Master’s in International Relations and a Bachelor’s in International Business Management and Asian Studies. She acts as a humanitarian coordinator for S4J and is also in charge of fundraising.  Helliana has lived, worked and studied in the US, Geneva, Palestine, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Singapore and India. She has worked for the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, for the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Palestine and for the German NGO humedica in a Somali refugee camp in Ethiopia. Her areas of special interest and expertise relate to regional issues of strategic interest to the UN and other international organizations, in particular the protection of refugees and civilians in armed conflicts, human rights of asylum seekers, conflict prevention and peace operations as well as intercultural communication and Middle Eastern, African and Asian studies.


S. Al-Haddad serves as Humanitarian Coordinator for Scales for Justice and is responsible for the logistics of the projects in the Middle East. She has also been part of the executive team of the Swiss foundation “Fondation le Grain de Blé” in Lebanon, organizing summer camps for Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian children living in unfavorable conditions with limited education possibilities. She is particularly concerned about minority rights and non-publicized situations of injustice in civil wars. She is interested in communication initiatives in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society, and promoting refugees’ rights to development, especially at the academic level, as well as their long-term fate. Moreover, she wishes to further durable solutions towards a sustained development for the countries hosting refugees. She holds a Bachelor in Biology from the Lebanese University in Beirut, a Master in Genetics and Evolution from the University of Geneva, where she is currently pursuing a PhD in Life Sciences.